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Eating The Rainbow at Chestnut Hill Elementary School is in the news!

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Chestnut Hill Elementary School's Eating The Rainbow Program is in the news!

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"Eating the Rainbow is a truly phenomenal program and was a huge success at Chestnut Hill Elementary School.  My 3 young boys happen to enjoy eating fruits and vegetables on a regular basis to begin with, but this program made them even more conscious and aware of the importance of it.  They were so excited to experience the program in school each day and enjoyed the home activities that helped to extend it.  I realize how lucky I am to have children who are willing to try new and healthy foods, but "Eating the Rainbow" successfully managed to make my boys even more eager to incorporate fruits and vegetables in any way they can.


In addition to being a parent on the Chestnut Hill PTA, I also had the unique perspective of watching this program come to fruition through a teacher's eyes.  As an elementary school teacher, I was extremely impressed by the way this program was created and run from beginning to could be a HUGE success in schools across the country!!!! I commend the ladies and gentlemen who put it together and urge you to keep it going!"


- Dina Shulman, Chestnut Hill Parent / PTA VP District Committees

“My daughter tried kale!”

“My kids ate every color of the rainbow for breakfast just so they could fill in the graph!”

“My kids competed with each other for who could eat the most fruits and vegetables!”

“My kids are having so much fun organizing their clothes and snacks for the color of the day!”

“I am so thrilled that this incentive is coming from the school because my son takes it more seriously!”




"Give a child a new video game or let them play with my iphone and they get excited. Introducing new fruits and vegetables doesn't ordinarily arouse such a response. The Eating the Rainbow program made it fun for my children to open their minds (and eating preferences) to new things. They loved picking out new fruits and vegetables and looking on the internet for new recipes to make with them. They also loved the creativity of Eating the Rainbow week, too - the photo collage on the cafeteria walls, dressing in the color of the day (and, on some days, dying their hair to match), and The Broccoli Rob Show (school assembly)."


- Chesnut Hill School Parent

“It is vitally important that we encourage children to lead healthy lives by teaching them to set goals and make the right food choices.  'Eating the Rainbow’ is a fun, nutritionally sound program that is easy for both kids and adults to follow.  I applaud Chestnut Hill for developing a program that provides students with the knowledge they need to make healthy eating a life-long pursuit.” 

- Suffolk County Legislator, Lou D’Amaro.

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